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The mission of the Stewardship Team is to encourage the wise use of the generous gifts of God.

Responsibilities include:

Enlisting members in a full use of their gifts and abilities for the furtherance of the Church's work

How it's done:

Currently new members are given a Time and Talent Survey to complete. This information is then entered in the church's database system where it is available to ministry leaders to help match talents with needs.

Periodically the entire congregation is asked to offer their time and talents via a Time and Talent Survey. The church's database system is updated withe the new information to reflect changes in individuals interests.

Encouraging regular and generous contributions of money for the support of this congregation and the Church's worldwide mission

How it's done:

Each fall a financial stewardship campaign is held, encouraging members to pledge their financial support for the coming year. It has taken a relay format, a consecration Sunday format, a mission awareness format and a celebration dinner format.