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About Our Memorials

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During Lent the iconic images of "The Stations of the Cross," also known as the "Via Dolorosa" which means "way of sorrows." are arranged around the inside walls of the church. Our beautiful tapestries from Belgium represent fourteen scenes from the Passion of Christ, each corresponding to a particular incident. We have an additional tapestry depicting the resurrection of Jesus, which will be hung in church at Easter. The object of the "Stations" is to help the faithful to make in spirit a pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ's suffering and death. Some see the Way of the Cross as a mini pilgrimage to the holy places in Jerusalem, which actually may be the reason for the original idea of this devotion. In the early centuries of the Christian church, many worshipers who could not travel to the Holy Land had the opportunity to participate in this traditional service in their home congregation. In a sense, we also have the opportunity to take up our cross and follow Jesus.
At the time of the twenty-fifth Anniversary of Good Shepherd plans were undertaken to place stained glass windows in the church. After evaluating several companies, the firm of Appleton-Rubel, Inc. of Waldwick, NJ was commissioned to the design and fabricate of the windows. Themes for the work were discussed with the artist. They were completed and installed in 1978.