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Children at Worship

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“Let the little children come to me….” - Matthew 19:14

Good Shepherd values the importance of children in worship. Children who come to church with their family become a part of the worshipping community by being part of the experience. Although children can wiggle, get fussy and say unexpected things, we accept them all.  Small people can respond to the awe and beauty, sights and sounds that are part of the worship service even if they do not fully understand them. It is easier to understand that prayer is important when children see parents and others praying.  They learn that worship is about praising God through song, prayer, and offerings.

Just as we teach our children how to talk or eat with the family, we also need to help them learn how to worship. The primary way we do this is by taking our children to church and worshipping with them so they can learn by example.

Children in the 2nd grade and above are encouraged to sit with parents; child care is provided at the main Sunday morning service at 10:15 for younger children. Parents who wish to keep their children can pick up age appropriate activity bags in the narthex (lobby) before entering. In either case however all children are invited to come to the front of the church for a “Children’s Moment” with pastor.

On occasion children in the Sunday school join with children from our Early Childhood School in singing songs they have learned for the congregation. It is always a joy.