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Faith Formation

As a community shaped by the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we are called to a lifetime of faith formation. From the cradle to the grave we seek to equip and empower each person to make connections between daily life and following Christ. As Lutherans this means continually returning to the waters of baptism, walking into the world wet, and planting seeds of faith wherever we find ourselves: at work, at home, at church, and in the wider community. We intend to give families the resources and the confidence to nurture faith at home, trusting that faith is passed on through personal, trusted relationships. In this journey of faith formation, there is a place for you!

Use the links of Faith Formation to explore in many directions and discover resources for you and you family to use as you deepen your faith. You will find information about the opportunities available at Good Shepherd, but to also find resources to be used at home to help you and your family continue to grow in and expand your faith lives.
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Resources devoted to the current Season of the Church Year.

These opportunities are provided for you and your family in order to grow in your faith. They may take place at Good Shepherd or at an off site location, but they require attendance in order to gain anything from them. In person opportunities include Sunday School, Small Group meetings, Bible Studies, confirmation classes and other congregational activities.

These opportunities are provided for you and your family to participate in at your own time in your own space. Click on the links to discover helpful websites that will give you lots of ideas; pay attention to suggested ideas for different age groups. At home activities for include online daily devotions, video clips, online bible study and opportunities to dive further into the scriptures for the week and more!

These are suggested resources to support you on your faith journey. In each category you will find recommended books that you can purchase, online journal and news articles, blogs, and other helpful tools.