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In Person Opportunities

Worship 1_copy1Regular Worship
Weekly - Saturdays at 5:30 PM & Sundays at 8:00 and 10:15 AM
Regular Worship each week is an important part to every Christian's growing in their relationship to God and the community of believers. Whatever your particular need: to be forgiven, to hear God's word, to join in communion; all are available for you each week. Feeling a little sluggish about your faith? Recharge your batteries for a new week in the vineyard.

Sunday SchoolSunday School
Weekly - Sunday 9:00 AM - Opening in the Gym
Sunday school is available during the school year for children ages 3-13. Children are invited to join their parents in worship for the opening and are dismissed after the children's message.

"Share the Faith" - Adult Forum
Weekly - Sunday 9:00 AM in the Agape Room

Lectio Divina copyLectio Divina Bible Study
Weekly - Monday 10:30 AM - East Cottage
"Lectio Divina"
is a format of Bible Study that incorporates reading/listening, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Each week a chapter or portion of a book of the Bible is studied and often overlooked words are brought to life opening new perspectives of God's Word. We have also delved into some of the Apocryphal Books and non-canonical writings found in the Dead Sea Scrolls to gain an understanding of the early church.

Why not join us?  Find out some of the things you've  missed or may never have known. You will walk away with a greater understanding of the Church, Your Faith. and Your relationship to God.

Preacher's PubPreacher's Pub Conversations
Weekly - Thursday 8:00 PM - The Inn Between Restaurant, Syosset
The Preacher's Pub is an informal group the meets at a local restaurant to discuss "Life Topics" related to the our faith. The Pub format is based on the practice of Martin Luther sharing informal conversations with his students and colleagues at the University of Wittenberg, the topics of which ranged from religious doctrine and history to instructions regarding government and church. These conversations came down to the modern era as Luther's "Table Talk".

Why not join us?  Led by Pastor Olsen each week a topic for the evening is discussed from the life experiences of all those around the table.

Confirmation Classes