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Good Shepherd Member Interface

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The Good Shepherd Member Interface connects to the Church Database and provides access to a Member Directory and Information for your Individual Household.
To access the link you must have a Username and Password for your household.  Please ask the church office to email your initial userid and password. Then follow the instructions in the email you receive. Your initial userid and password will be eight digit numbers. You can change them to something you can remember by going to the Security Settings tab and entering a new username and password.

Access to the database is by a secure connection that requires you to enter your individual household Username and Password. When you leave the site you are automatically logged off and must log on again to reenter the site.

If you forget your Username or Password the office will be able to send you an email with instructions to reset your data; neither the office nor the website administrator have access to your password.

Good Shepherd Document Database --To Be Updated

powered by KeepandShare

Keep and Share provides for members of the congregation to access a database of documents including minutes and reports from the Congregational Council and Good Shepherd Fund Disbursement Requests during the Application Review process in March.
Please utilize the following directions to access documents.

  1. Login using the User ID – gsmember  (Call the Church office for the password)
  2. From the left side menu choose:Visit Friends’ Share; then Good Shepherd, then Files…
            The heading of the left side menu should now read “Visiting - Good Shepherd” 
  3. Drill down and select a folder Under “Council Files’’ or “Good Shepherd Fund”. The names of the stored documents are now displayed in the main portion of the page.
  4. Select the document you wish to view by clicking the icon to the left of the Document Name.  The document will be downloaded to your PC where you may view, save, and/or print the document. If you click on the Document Name instead of the icon you will be brought to a new page.
  5. Select “Download File Now” and ignore the other options on the page.
         The document will be downloaded to your PC where you may view, save, and/or print the document.